July 2, 2013


Attended a room party for a friend bd celebration last week. The theme was pink and white. Apparently all the girls that attended have to be in pink or white. AND yeah coincidentally all kinda guai la. We follow the rules even though the guys came up with different colours, but the host is completely fine with it. ANYWAY.

I just found out that who appreciate natural beauty now? I mean its impossible to say that girls are natural in beauty as all of us or at least most of us wear make up full time or occasionally. Dont you dare to tell me you never wear make up to events like wedding dinner or birthday party?! Even if skin care is consider a make up, i would say that too because skin care contains chemical or anything that can have an effect on the skin. Unless you stay in the jungle like tarzan or madagascar then at least i believe that you never use any of the skin products lah -.-

And since i use instagram, i saw ALOT of girls are damn pretty. I mean like for asian people like us, they have extremely large eyes, and EXTREMELY sharp chin (even sharper than a knife itself, lol kidding). So i went around and bragged to my friends on the ones that i followed on instagrams and they told me that they are not naturally pretty which also means that whatever i see are not as natural as i thought. lol  =( *singing barbie songs.

I didnt mean to offend everyone but yeah its crazy. These people are actually earning money after the huge makeover. Normally these people are guys' candies too. They get popularity, fame and cash if i would say. Yeah, i know i smell jealousy too. hahahahah. I am not against it, but just expressing how i feel as a normal looking girl (no extremely big eyes and no extremely sharp chin). But if could go through all this thing, one thing i wanna change is the jaw. To make it slightly sharper and appear more 3D. But seriously, the whole face? heck no. Besides that, why would someone want to go do the whole face to suffer from the pains after burnt a huge hole in the pocket, you could use apps now like photoshop or something to sharpen ur chin as small and as sharp as you want. LOL

its just my opinion. im not saying that they are fake or whatever because if i given a chance i would go for it too, why not? It is not too bad to improve yourself right.

k gotta study right now. ciaooo xoxo.

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June 2, 2013

make up review: Stila stay all day waterproof eyeliner; nyx glossy black liner; nyx glam liner; sephora pencil liner.

Hello ladies!

So yeah; its been awhile peeps! the blog is literally dead ever since the last 30283374387878 time that i could remember was i last blog post on #some emotional shit problem that shut this blog down. but yeah! i have this inspiration to start over this dead blog on something new, i guess! 

First, what makes me blog, again? Thanks to my friend, that randomly pm me on facebook on chances to win Max Factor worth rm 500 by submitting the so called inspired make up look with the theme of 'Gallery of Wings'!! Frankly, i have no idea what it means but based on its description, it depends on our own interpretation and create the ideal look according to this theme. Gallery of Wings?? what came into my mind were angels, clean, light, spring, and bird? Me and my friend got so bored and thought of joining this competition. WHY? boredom and wanted to win this so we can happily get our products & we can have have a full range of make up products; 2, i have too much make up products and i thought of utilize it before it dries up or expired wtf. I came out with this angelic, clean and spring-ish make up look for the model, ginny. Except the fact that I did this make up on god knows midnight time so yeah my skills is a bit off, but i still thought i did a good job though! hahaha. Oh! i did a contrast effect on the look which basically contrast both day and night look with the spring inspired make up look. IMUSTWINTHIS! #successkid. 

Dress: TNFC; Bag: H&M; Hairbands: FleaMarket@thecurve; Makeup:Benefits,nyx,sephora,mac etc.

This is basically how it is. 

SO NOW, I am gonna do a eyeliners tutorial on different range of brands include stila, nyx, sephora. The reason i am doing this tutorial is because i find it hard for me to look for review especially when it comes to eyeliner products through online review, eg; youtube or blogs. I have always wanted to see more make up tutorial on brands especially before i purchased on those products i would like to know whether it is suitable for myself, the price and the comparison of the eyeliners with other brands. Therefore, i make this post hoping that i could help you pretty girls a little on deciding which eyeliners to buy or at least a short review on all the eyeliners i used. PLEASE bear in mind that all my reviews or recommendation are all based on my own make up experiences ( i did not take any professional make up courses) and i would highly recommend to try the products first before buying it as it depends on personal preferences. So if you are still interested to know, scroll down and have a look. 

My eyeliners are quite common, you can find it everywhere on local drugstores or cosmetics stores. Prices are quite normal and reasonable from about MYR 20 to MYR 60. Since i have an oily eyelid, i would always recommend people to get a waterproof liquid eyeliner as it wont easily goes off and smudge as compared to pencil eyeliner. Besides, the lasting effect is better in waterproof liquid eyeliner as it can only easily removed with a proper make up remover. In my own opinion, pencil eyeliner is good too to use it as a bottom eyeliner. 

Products I used:



 SEPHORA; STILA; NYX (k-palette eyeliner excluded coz the colour is dissimilar)

Pump a suitable amount of cleansing oil (biore cleansing oil) on a cotton pad. 


p/s: the eyeliner is tested on a asian skintone, a chinese malaysian in particular. and yes i do have a little yellowish skin tone as according to the picture. Thus, due to the quality of the picture, I will not guarantee the eyeliners shown is similar with the original products. 

 After the considerable amount of energy used on the first wipe; all eyeliners seem to come out a lot; prove that the cleansing oil is effective on especially waterproof based products *recommended on eyes and lips area but not suitable for face make up remover on oily skin people. I would prefer oily skin or combination skin type to use a more water-based make up remover.

Obviously STILA is the best eyeliner. hahahaha. But dont judge, even NYX works well with my skin too. NYX GLAM LINER prove to have a very lasting effect even it has glitters in it (normally any glitters product came off easily) *claps. Sephora pencil eyeliner seems to came off in smudges effect that turns me off every time i tried to impatiently remove my eye make up! 

after second wipes; poof! first liner left a tiny stain and sephora eye liner is completely gone! definitely not a good one for long wearing but perhaps it will be amazing on events or dinner for its charcoal black colour that create a smexy eyes make up *wink. 

this is a blurry image of the remainings. To conclude, long wearing make up; stila & nyx glam are amazing. Thumbs up for sephora pencil eyeliner for the concentration of the charcoal black colour. Nyx glossy black liner works normal; could be use as daily eyeliner. 

I welcome any comments (good or bad) on my blog post. Please be good, people! (my first time blogging after so long). Also, i will be glad if you guys could recommend me on what to blog next or improvement on future posts. e/g; transformation video; more reviews; or reviews the products on face instead etc etc.

Thank you!! *smooches.

TILL NEXT TIME! xoxoxo. 


January 3, 2011

we are who we are.

worry about your character, not your reputation. your character is who you are and what you be. your character builds up your reputation. your reputation is what people think you are. hey loser, dont judge me from my mistakes o0o if you havent ready. just know that i have changed for the better! what comes is always better than what came before ;)

angry? pissed? you're just a shame of yourself.