July 2, 2013


Attended a room party for a friend bd celebration last week. The theme was pink and white. Apparently all the girls that attended have to be in pink or white. AND yeah coincidentally all kinda guai la. We follow the rules even though the guys came up with different colours, but the host is completely fine with it. ANYWAY.

I just found out that who appreciate natural beauty now? I mean its impossible to say that girls are natural in beauty as all of us or at least most of us wear make up full time or occasionally. Dont you dare to tell me you never wear make up to events like wedding dinner or birthday party?! Even if skin care is consider a make up, i would say that too because skin care contains chemical or anything that can have an effect on the skin. Unless you stay in the jungle like tarzan or madagascar then at least i believe that you never use any of the skin products lah -.-

And since i use instagram, i saw ALOT of girls are damn pretty. I mean like for asian people like us, they have extremely large eyes, and EXTREMELY sharp chin (even sharper than a knife itself, lol kidding). So i went around and bragged to my friends on the ones that i followed on instagrams and they told me that they are not naturally pretty which also means that whatever i see are not as natural as i thought. lol  =( *singing barbie songs.

I didnt mean to offend everyone but yeah its crazy. These people are actually earning money after the huge makeover. Normally these people are guys' candies too. They get popularity, fame and cash if i would say. Yeah, i know i smell jealousy too. hahahahah. I am not against it, but just expressing how i feel as a normal looking girl (no extremely big eyes and no extremely sharp chin). But if could go through all this thing, one thing i wanna change is the jaw. To make it slightly sharper and appear more 3D. But seriously, the whole face? heck no. Besides that, why would someone want to go do the whole face to suffer from the pains after burnt a huge hole in the pocket, you could use apps now like photoshop or something to sharpen ur chin as small and as sharp as you want. LOL

its just my opinion. im not saying that they are fake or whatever because if i given a chance i would go for it too, why not? It is not too bad to improve yourself right.

k gotta study right now. ciaooo xoxo.

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